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3D Laser Scanning

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3D Laser Scanning

3D scanning is the process of capturing digital information about the shape of an object with equipment that uses a laser or light to measure the distance between the scanner and the object.  3D scanning is also known as 3D Imaging, Laser Scanning, Laser Digitizing, and Digital Shape Sampling & Processing.  3D scanning can capture data of very small objects all the way up to full-size aircraft and buildings.  It can be used for reverse engineering, computer-aided inspection, or simply documenting the shape for future use.

Layer informatics specializes in delivering 3D models and Scan to BIM model for any type of Architectural modeling ( all types of buildings) OR Structure(Tunnel, Road Bridges, Towers & floors) and MEP(Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing)

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is taking apart an object to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance the object.  The practice, taken from older industries, is now frequently used on computer hardware and software.

The process of duplicating an existing component, subassembly, or product, without the aid of drawings, documentation, or computer model is known as reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering can be viewed as the process of analyzing a system to:
  • Identify the system’s components and their interrelationships
  • Create representations of the system in another form or a higher level of abstraction
  • Create a physical representation of that system
  • Building Information Modeling or Scan to BIM modeling

    Layer Informatics is an industry leader in 3D modeling and building information modeling (BIM) for heritage, high-rise, brownfields industrial facilities management and infrastructure construction.  Layer Informatics produces all manner of data formats and a variety of modeling products.

    An accurate, up-to-date BIM enables collaboration between engineers, architects, and project and construction managers—everyone on a construction team.  As it visually documents how changes impact the build and surrounding environment, a BIM becomes the centerpiece for well-coordinated construction and satisfied asset owners.

    Our team specializes in creating accurate 3D models in
  • Revit Architecture:- Architectural buildings, Heritages, Schools, Hospitals, Tunnel & Stadium, Church model
  • Revit Structure:- All structural models like Steel Bridges, Structural framings (Trusses, Braces)
  • Revit MEP( Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing):- Airports, HVAC with Mechanical, Electrical Equipments, Oil & gas plants.
  • 3D Solid Modeling

    3D modeling is a manner of creating 3-dimensional objects for sectors ranging from engineering and manufacturing to digital animation for films and video games.  In this, we are creating 2D Plans & 3D Solid models.

    Our 3D Modeling services include:

    2D Plans:- 2D plan is Creating 2-dimensional, or flat images used in mechanical drawings, electrical engineering projects, construction, and architecture.  We create Floor plans, Elevation & Roof plans, Section & Ceiling plans.

    3D Model:- we create 3D models for Architecture buildings, Bridges, Oil & Gas plants, Electrical Equipments, Structural designs & detailings etc.

    Laser Scanning is vastly used in the following areas:

    Bridges, Tunnels & Roads

    Layer Informatics works across the globe on all stages of bridge construction from design through to operation, with an integrated and multidisciplinary project approach, covering geo techniques, environmental sustainability and all aspects of structural engineering.  The Group's civil engineering teams share a passion for their chosen specialty and a commitment to serving their clients.

    Tunnel alignment selection, liner design, a well-planned site investigation programme, geological and geophysical surveys are the primary activities, Layer Informatics been involved in developing a reliable ground model for the construction of the tunnel.

    Layer informatics provides the full range of skills for every aspect of roads, from project development through to network operation.  The Group size gives it the strength to take on large-scale and ever increasingly time-critical projects.  The high levels of expertise at Layer informatics give the Group the capacity to create exceptional engineering solutions.

    Film, Gamimg & Entertainment

    Laser Scanning now commonplace in the film and gaming industry for pre-visualization of scenes, or in post-production, to help create stunning CGI and visual special effects (VFX).  The speed and accuracy of laser scanning allow for environments, sets, objects, and people to be captured in 3D to a high level of detail and precision, in a matter of minutes.

    Historic Preservation

    Exact replicas of original art and historical artifacts can be created from 3D Laser Scans, providing historians and enthusiasts access to rare and delicate specimens for study.  Replicas could be placed out for museum visitors to touch and hold.  Virtual Museums could be made available worldwide, while the original specimen remains protected.


    For inspection of a failed part, a comparison can be made between a scanned model and the original CAD model or another sample.  Quality and integrity of manufacturing can be assured by comparing a production sample to both the original CAD file and a sample known to be within spec.