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UAV, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle, is the emerging market for services built around flying robots that can be remote-controlled or flown autonomously using software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems.  Commercial drone services are developing UAV services, sometimes called Drones as a Service, to help industries, such as agriculture, construction, search and rescue, package delivery, industrial inspection, insurance and videography, with tasks like collecting imagery and measurements and managing or broadcasting events.


UAV LiDAR has been one of the most eagerly anticipated technologies of the recent years.  Drones are changing the way surveyors can capture imagery and data and the incorporation of a laser scanner can take things one step further.  UAV LiDAR systems are now an accessible and affordable investment for most surveying businesses.  The drone is automatically deployed and landed, and the system analyzes the aerial data, creating highly accurate, best-in-class orthophotos and digital elevation models to assist in surveying reports, volume measurements, terrain mapping, site planning and more

Orthophoto Generation

Images acquired from UAV is an automated multistep workflow made up with image orientation through feature-based matching and bundle block adjustment, dense matching with correlation techniques able to manage multiple images.  It allows automated data processing of sparse blocks of images in order to obtain a final true-orthophoto.  Orthomosaic will be divided into tiles and it will be delivered


Elevation data generally comes in two formats: contour lines or digital elevation models (DEMs) and Digital Surface model (DSM).

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or Digital Surface Model (DSM) is the digital representation of the land surface elevation with respect to any reference datum.  Elevation model is the ground elevation and surface model includes buildings, trees, etc.  We will get an accurate DSM and DTM in grid format (.asc, .tif, .dwg) that you can easily reimport into any GIS or CAD software.